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Northfield Shoegaze Trio Gospel Gossip just released a new single called “Dream Awake”. Although they have received some pretty impressive comparisons (Galaxy 500, Mazzy Star, Siouxsie and the Banshees)… they do possess their own sound; a sound that could only come from someone who has been honing their craft for over a decade. That someone is guitarist/vocalist Sarah Nienaber. I highly recommend catching one of their shows… They will melt your face off. check out “Dream Awake” below or download it on their Bandcamp.

check out their Drift EP from 2009 (Guilt Ridden Pop):

Catch Sarah playing TONIGHT with her other band Is/Is @ the Hexagon bar in Minneapolis (w/ TEENAGE MOODS!!!). Listen to a fuzzed out track below:

Blackest Beat by Is/Is

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